Tremor Support Group

The Tremor Support Group is open to anyone suffering from tremor caused by Essential Tremor (ET) or Parkinson's Disease. ET is a neurological disorder which may affect the hands, head, legs, and/or voice. The Support Group also welcomes all caregivers (parents, spouses, friends) as well as anyone interested from the medical community. We will serve as a forum for education about tremor, various treatments available, and coping with daily activities. The group is open to the entire community, is free of charge, & is non-denominational.

Please contact Shari at for additional information. We hope you'll join us!

Temple Israel
5725 Walnut Lake Road
Bloomfield MI 48323
(see map below)
(located just east of Drake Road)
(248) 661-5700

2006 Meeting Schedule

MEETINGS AT 7:00PM unless otherwise noted

·         May 11   Paul A. Cullis, M.D., F.A.A.N., Chief of Neurology, St. John Hospital
                “Annual ET Medical Update”
We kick off this year’s program schedule with our annual update about ET.  Hear about diagnosis, treatment, research from Dr. Cullis, a very knowledgeable, experienced movement disorder specialist.  He’s a great speaker & will provide you with a wealth of information!

  • Jun 8      Occupational Therapy & Assistive Devices
    Join us to learn about the many assistive devices that can help you in your daily life, whether for eating, drinking, writing, buttoning, etc.  Occupational therapists from Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak will be introducing us to these devices & letting you try them out.

  • Jul 13      Coping Tips & Tricks
    Join us for this annual discussion session when we share our tips & tricks for coping with tremor in our daily lives.  It never fails that every person attending learns at least one invaluable idea that they never thought of before to make their life a little easier.

  • Aug 10    Medications – Our Successes & Failures
    Join us for this great discussion group when we share much-needed information about our tremor medications … what’s working & what’s not.  Everyone always comes away from this session learning about a new medication or combination of meds to discuss with their physician.

  • Nov 9      Barbara Gordon, MSW, ACSW
    Self-Esteem, Strong Relationships, Coping With Your Tremor”
    How do we deal with the emotional aspect of tremor?  Come & hear this outstanding clinical psychologist as she teaches us valuable lessons so we can lead healthier emotional lives.

As speakers & programs are scheduled, they will be published here.  Speakers & programs are subject to change.

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